Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer--Summer--Summertime (summertime)

Allie picks flowers almost every day for our table centerpiece. She was dancing around with them one morning and wanted her picture taken in this pose.

This is one of Kate's ballet moves. She had her hat on for most of the day and thought she looked pretty cute. I agree, of course!
She always follows up with the other leg.

Kate was up at about 11:30 pm and was hyper and out of control. She kept jumping on her octopus chair and laughing. She then decided that kissing the octopus was really fun.

Allie and Kate were playing with the "computer." Allie was getting bugged because Kate wanted to push buttons, so within a few minutes Kate was on top of her "roughing her up." We'll never have to worry about Kate not taking care of herself!

Allie reads an ABC book that lists foods following the alphabet that Charlie Chipmunk feeds Hilda Hippo. F is for fudge, and Allie "hadn't made fudge in many years" and wanted to make some. After realizing that she wasn't going to drop the idea, Grammy and Allie made fudge and had a picnic. I don't think the fudge lived up to Allie's expectations because she only had one piece and never asked for more.

Allie found the skunk costume that she wore when she was 1 1/2. She had us put it on and as you can see, the legs came up to her knees. She ran around like a wild skunk until she was sweating bullets, which is actually what she did when she was 1 1/2! We found Marelle's Minnie Mouse costume and put it on Kate so they could run around together. It was hilarious!

Allie and Kate "playing chalk."