Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer--Summer--Summertime (summertime)

Allie picks flowers almost every day for our table centerpiece. She was dancing around with them one morning and wanted her picture taken in this pose.

This is one of Kate's ballet moves. She had her hat on for most of the day and thought she looked pretty cute. I agree, of course!
She always follows up with the other leg.

Kate was up at about 11:30 pm and was hyper and out of control. She kept jumping on her octopus chair and laughing. She then decided that kissing the octopus was really fun.

Allie and Kate were playing with the "computer." Allie was getting bugged because Kate wanted to push buttons, so within a few minutes Kate was on top of her "roughing her up." We'll never have to worry about Kate not taking care of herself!

Allie reads an ABC book that lists foods following the alphabet that Charlie Chipmunk feeds Hilda Hippo. F is for fudge, and Allie "hadn't made fudge in many years" and wanted to make some. After realizing that she wasn't going to drop the idea, Grammy and Allie made fudge and had a picnic. I don't think the fudge lived up to Allie's expectations because she only had one piece and never asked for more.

Allie found the skunk costume that she wore when she was 1 1/2. She had us put it on and as you can see, the legs came up to her knees. She ran around like a wild skunk until she was sweating bullets, which is actually what she did when she was 1 1/2! We found Marelle's Minnie Mouse costume and put it on Kate so they could run around together. It was hilarious!

Allie and Kate "playing chalk."

Friday, April 11, 2008

Bren's Birthday

Marelle holding Allie and Kate. Who knows what Allie was doing.

Andres was just hanging out with Kate. She thought he was the greatest, funniest thing since sliced bread.
Bren, Chris, Marelle and Andres came to visit during Brenda's birthday weekend in February. We had a blast, and the girls were in heaven with their cousins.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Week

We brought in a ladder to check if we have speakers installed in the ceiling or if it's just "speaker-ready." (Unfortunately, it looks like we need to buy speakers.) The girls just had to get on the ladder. Of course Grammy was having a heart attack, but we had fun.

Allie was watching a DVD on her portable player and Kate decided to lounge on her while she drank her bottle. This picture was taken at Grammy and Bocky's. Every once in awhile Kate lounges on her like this. She just wants to be next to her. It's really cute, and Allie will actually let her do it for awhile.

Allie was trying to hug Kate, but she obviously wasn't very happy about it!
The Easter Bunny hopped on over and brought Allie and Kate a lot of yummy, fun things. But the bubbles that "that rabbit," as Allie calls him, brought her didn't work. Luckily Grammy found the bubble gun that "that rabbit," for some strange reason, left in the closet. Both girls had a blast. Kate was so upset that she couldn't catch the bubbles though. And Allie wouldn't share the bubble gun. Sadly the bubbles ran out, and we had to put everything away before any hair was pulled.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

My mom found some black boots for Allie for Christmas. They were her favorite present by far--they even outweighed the jeep we got her. For some strange reason she thinks that she should only be wearing her underwear and princess jewelry with them. (My mom keeps asking what we're watching on TV, but we keep telling her nothing like that!) She added the Mr. Potatohead Lips and her princess purse, but this is basically "the" outfit. It's even better when we put music on and she starts dancing. It's definitley a sight to see!
These were taken over Thanksgiving at my parents' house. Uncle Stevie brought their quads and took Allie around the block. She was in heaven! The picture below is of her waiting for Steve and the boys to return from a ride.

Allie drawing and Kate watching patiently.
Here's a picture of Laci and Allie playing dress up on Chad and Neil's birthday at my parents' house. Laci (Neil and Amanda's daughter) and Allie were born 12 days apart and look SO much like each other, especially in person.
Kate was home with a double ear infection and Allie was at school, so she was into all of Allie's stuff. She's wearing Allie's ruby shoes, but she didn't want to put her own shoes down so she carried them around the house.

This is Becky, Kate's main caretaker at school. Kate hadn't seen her in a few days and was so excited to see her. She snuggled into her shoulder and was as happy as ever.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Kate was on the couch with a bag of booty puffs. She thought she was pretty cool being able to dig into the bag herself.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Kate.
Kate's always loved the piano--hopefully she'll be a willing participant in the piano lessons she'll be required to take!

Our great friends the Steinbergs came to watch Chad's CIF championship game. Allie and Jaidyn had a blast.

Kate and Jordyn were playing together, or I should say next to each other.
This was taken on Christmas morning (before showering and make-up). :)

Chad and the girls sometime in February.